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The image depicts a scene that appears to be in front of a Murano glass factory. The focal point is an art installation or sculpture made from large, colorful glass pieces arranged in a manner reminiscent of a flower or abstract plant form. It's situated on the street near what seems to be a palm tree-lined road. In the background, there are buildings that could possibly be part of the factory complex, and beyond them, you can see a modern structure with a distinctive architectural design that stands out from the more traditional surroundings. The sky is clear, suggesting it might be a warm or summer day.

Alexandria International Symposium

Alexandria International Symposium for Sculpture In Natural Material.

The BA Art Exhibitions and Collections Department are promoting intellectual and cultural exchange among nations. The Department’s role in encouraging artistic dialogue between Egyptian and foreign artists in all artistic fields.

Three-dimentional Glass

The Alexandria International Symposium is considered to be one of the most important permanent projects organized by the Department in which many Egyptian, Arab, and foreign artists, chosen by each round’s commissioner, take part.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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