The image shows a beautifully crafted piece of Murano glass, specifically a box with an intricate design. The box has a deep purple hue that appears to be swirled or marbled throughout its structure, creating a mesmerizing effect. There's a gold-colored band around the center that contrasts with the vibrant color and adds a touch of elegance to the piece. Murano glass is renowned for its artistry and craftsmanship, and this box is no exception. The design suggests it could be used as a decorative object or perhaps as a jewelry box given its size and the attention to detail in its construction. The image showcases the skill involved in creating such glassware, emphasizing the beauty of Italian craftsmanship.

New Murano Glass Handmade Alexandrite rectangular box by Alessandro Mandruzzato

Murano Glass Handmade rectangular box

New Murano Glass handmade rectangular box sale online on you could find this new certify Mandruzzato creation.

Original Murano Glass

New Box Rectangular– Alexandrite. Designed and handmade  by Alessandro Mandruzzato. Original Murano glass Certify by a Trademark of Origin

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