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The image depicts a group of people on what appears to be a stage at an event. The individuals are dressed in various styles, suggesting a casual or semi-formal gathering. In the foreground, there is a collection of objects that look like trophies or awards, which indicates that some kind of recognition or competition might have taken place. The background features a screen with graphic elements and text, although it's not entirely clear due to the resolution of the image. However, you can see words that suggest this event is related to Murano glass, specifically from Alessandro Mandruzzo, which implies a connection to Venetian glass-making traditions. The style of the image is candid, capturing a moment during an awards ceremony or celebration in the context of artisanal craftsmanship.

Pooh: 50 anni della Band

Pooh: 50 anni della band

Pooh 50 anni della band: premiazini in vetro di Murano realizzate dall’artista Alessandro Mandruzzato

Original Murano Glass

Alessandro nel corso della sua carriera ha realizzato decine di premi in vetro di Murano

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