The image features a heart-shaped object that appears to be crafted from molten glass. It's being held by someone who seems to be either shaping the glass on a metal rod or pulling it from a furnace, which is common in traditional glassmaking techniques such as those used in Murano, Italy. The background suggests an industrial setting, possibly a workshop dedicated to creating blown glass objects. The heart itself has a deep red color and looks smooth, indicating that it's either freshly made or has been finished with great care. There are also some white text elements overlaid on the image: "LIGHT IN GLASS" at the top right corner, and below it, there are names which likely represent artists or contributors associated with the glassmaking process or exhibition. The style of the image is realistic and appears to be a promotional photograph designed to highlight the craftsmanship and artistry involved in creating such objects. The lighting emphasizes the glossy finish of the glass and creates a sense of warmth, which complements the subject matter.

The Heart of Venice 2007

The Heart of Venice 2007 –  International Competition for Ideas

In 2007 Alessandro Mandruzzato partecipated at The Heart of Venice a competition for Ideas. 

He collaborated with Cilla Pettersson a Sweden architect and interior designer

who designed for the competition a murano glass lamp with Alessandro’s collaboration.

The Heart of Venice

Alessandro’s skills and knowledge and Cilla ‘s idea permemtted to them to be among of the finalists.

Murano Lamp


 produced with glass master Alessandro Mandruzzato in Murano.
Finalist in International glass competition. Lamp exhibited in Venice and later sold for charity at the Casino in Venice.



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