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The image depicts a scene within a Murano glass factory, specifically one named "Alessandro Mandruzzato" as indicated by the text on the piece of equipment in the foreground. The focus is on a large blue glass object that resembles an abstract sculpture or possibly part of a lamp. It features swirling patterns and what appears to be bubbles trapped within the glass, indicative of the traditional Murano glassmaking technique known as 'a massello' where the glass is blown without being separated from the blowing rod, creating a seamless piece with distinct marks of the artist's craftsmanship. In the background, we can see a person whose face is partially obscured by the large glass object. The individual appears to be involved in the manufacturing process, likely a glassmaker working on this or other pieces of glass. They are dressed casually and seem focused on their task. The setting includes industrial machinery and equipment typical for a glass factory, suggesting that this photo was taken during a tour or visit to the facility, capturing the artisanal nature of Murano glass production. The lighting is bright, enhancing the vibrant blue color of the glass piece in the foreground, while the rest of the scene has more subdued tones. For SEO purposes: "Murano glass factory, Alessandro Mandruzzato, glassmaking, Venice, Italy, artisanal craftsmanship, traditional techniques, large blue glass sculpture, lamp, a massello, glass artist at work, industrial setting."


ERARTA Museum – Alessandro Mandruzzato. My Life and Glass

Alessandro Mandruzato is a third generation master of working with Murano glass. His personal exhibitions were held throughout the world: US, Italy and United Arab Emirates. He was a partner and a participant of the exhibition dedicated to Maria Callas and opera “Diva” in Palazzo Maria Callas Sirmione del Garda.


Alessandro was inspired by the children’s drawings and has brought to life a child’s idea of the true meaning of Love: three glass masterpieces will be included in the display during the exhibition in Erarta museum of contemporary art from 29th April to 5th July, 2011.

My life and Glass

29 April 2012 —  4 July 2012
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