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This is an image featuring three individuals standing in a showroom. The focal point of the image appears to be a large, intricate glass sculpture that resembles a bird with outstretched wings, positioned on a display stand. The man wearing a red shirt is gesturing towards the sculpture, possibly explaining its design or craftsmanship. Behind him and slightly to the side is another man in a dark-colored suit looking at the sculpture with interest, while a woman in a light-colored top stands behind both of them, also observing the artwork. The showroom itself has elegant lighting fixtures overhead and what looks like display cases that could be used for showcasing glassware or other delicate items. The setting suggests this might be an event or a store specializing in high-quality glass art, possibly in Venice, Italy, which is famous for its Murano glass craftsmanship. Keywords: MURANO GLASS, VASE, LAMP, MURANO GLASS, DESIGN, MADE IN ITALY, VENICE GLASS

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Murano Glass Handmade Sculpture

Alessandro è presente con una delle sue sculture anche a Dubai

Original Murano Glass

Murano glass sculpture made entirely by hand

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