This image depicts a group of people standing around a display that features what appears to be a collection of Murano glass products. The individuals are dressed in formal business attire, suggesting they may be attending an event or meeting related to the glass industry. The man on the right side is holding a plaque with some text and a ribbon, which typically signifies an award or recognition for achievement. The background includes a banner with the name "Alessandro Mandruzzato" written on it, indicating that this may be the company associated with the displayed glass items. The Murano glass itself showcases a variety of colors and shapes, indicative of the artistry involved in its creation. The setting looks like an indoor exhibition or showroom space designed to display the products for potential customers or admirers.

St Petersburg – Russia


Alessandro Mandruzzato’s Gift to the Hermitage Museum

On November 16th, 2011, a presentation ceremony was held to mark the gift of the “Opera Diva (profile of a woman)” sculpture, created by the famous Venetian Artist Alessandro Mandruzzato, to the Museum.


The “Diva” sculptural composition (230x100x60 cm) was made from transparent and “pasta” colored Murano glass; pure 24 karat leaf gold, steel and wood were used in the melting, casting and, engraving process.
This work illustrates the primary trends apparent in contemporary glassmaking, and is created in the tradition of the Venetian school of glass, a recognized leader in the field of applied art.

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