The image shows a collection of Murano glass items, specifically vases and lamps. They exhibit the distinctive characteristics of Murano glass: rich colors, intricate patterns, and handcrafted designs. The pieces are stacked atop one another, with varying shades of blue dominating their appearance, interspersed with hints of yellow and other subtle tones that add depth and complexity to their color palette. Murano glass is renowned for its unique colors and artful designs, often created using a technique called "a massello" where layers of different colored glass are fused together, resulting in the iridescent effects seen here. These items are likely produced by skilled artisans at the Alessandro Mandruzzato factory, which specializes in crafting such fine glassware. The craftsmanship and color saturation suggest that these pieces are not only functional but also serve as decorative objects, highlighting their aesthetic value as well. The text "MURAN GLASS" is visible on the image, emphasizing the type of glass used and associating it with Venice, Italy, where Murano glass has been a traditional art form for centuries. This label suggests that these items are authentic pieces of Venetian craftsmanship, made in Italy by Alessandro Mandruzzato, which could be an important selling point for collectors and enthusiasts of Murano glassware.

New Murano Glass Handmade rectangular box by Alessandro Mandruzzato

Murano Glass Handmade rectangular box

New Murano Glass handmade rectangular box sale online on you could find this new certify Mandruzzato creation.

Original Murano Glass

New Box Rectangular– Cobalt+Amber. Designed and handmade  by Alessandro Mandruzzato. Original Murano glass Certify by a Trademark of Origin

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